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About us

Creating an environment that people from all different ways of life get to experience the concept of The Hangout, was the brothers vision. Growing up just outside of NYC and living in Naples since 2005 it has always been known that finding somewhere to eat that will not break the bank is hard. Being in the heart of Naples the brothers knew they had to deliver on quality at a fair price point. The Falisi family personally started renovations in the Hangout in 2020. After months of demolition it was time to put their revelation to work. With some help from friends the Falisi's were able to create The Hangout mostly on their own. It is always under construction, chasing perfection and keeping things fresh and new. With all the literal blood, sweat, tears, & love put into what the family does on a daily basis since 2015, they look forward to the future caring for Southwest FL & the local communities.

Giving Back

We're proud to be a part of the Naples and SWFL community and are honored to support local organizations who do so much to care for our residents!

The Falisi Family

Our family grew up in Tappan, NY, a suburb just outside of New York City. In 2005, our father retired from the NYPD and we made the move to Naples, FL. Coming from an Italian family, food was always the center of any holiday or party. Growing up hosting parties for friends and family, gave them a taste of fresh homemade quality food and Larry quickly grew a passion for cooking and learned family recipes from his mom, dad and grandma. Our recipes date back generations and have been passed around our large family. This was a perfect complement to Peter's financial background, creating the foundation for the business. The brothers thought it was about time we started sharing the Falisi tradition with everyone. In 2015 Two Guys Kitchen & Catering was founded by brothers Peter and Larry Falisi.